You are invited to explore and enjoy this virtual gallery of original oil paintings from award-winning artist Marie Massey. You will find plein aire* landscapes painted on site at locations around the world including the U.S., South and Central America, Europe, and many more. You will also find paintings focused on wildlife, the human figure, still-life as well as fantasy pieces.

Marie also does commission work including portraits, as well as portraits of homes or special locations. If you have a painting in mind that you would like Marie to paint for you, please utilize the contact page to make your request.

Thank You!


*en plein aire - French for "in the open air," used chiefly to describe paintings that have been executed outdoors, rather than in the studio. Plein aire painting was taken up by the English painters Richard Parks Bonington (1802-1828) and John Constable (1776-1837), and the French Barbizon School, and it became central to Impressionism. Its popularity was aided by the development of easily portable painting equipment and materials, including paints sold in tubes. The equivalent term in Italian is "alfresco," which is also used by English-speakers. (pr. pleh-nayr').

Marie loves to do plein aire painting. You can find examples of her plein aire paintings on the "Original Oil Paintings" page of this website. "Home on the River", "Aspen Lane", "Alpine Lake" , "Blue Mountain Meadow ", "Spring Promise", "View from the Villa" and "On the Riverbank" are examples of plein aire paintings.

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